Welcome to Split - one of the most incredible cities in the world

Enjoy our Teacher Training Courses in Split, Croatia, surrounded with centuries of history

Split – With its exquisite 1700 years old Diocletian’s Palace, its Mediterranean soul, beautiful waterfront promenade and incredible nature in the vicinity of the city, has so much to offer to everyone willing to absorb its history, surrounding islands and amazing coast of the Adriatic sea. Taking our teacher training courses means going home with more than knowledge, new connections and skills, it means packing your suitcases with memories.

More than just another teacher training course in Split, Croatia

Split is so much more than one of the places where you can take your teacher training course in Croatia, it has more to offer than one could possibly absorb within a short stay, but Jantar team will do their best to make you experience the best of it. No matter during which season you decide to take our course, each has its charms. Our Mediterranean climate allows us to enjoy thousands of sunny hours throughout the year, which means that you can take a boat ride to visit our beautiful islands, or take a historic guided tour through the city to learn its secrets, or even visit one of our exquisite national parks for a day. Whatever part of year is convenient for you, our teacher training course will adjust to it and provide a memorable day in one of these sights.

We usually say that the Roman emperor Diocletian was no fool when he built his residence in the middle of Split. One of the greatest Roman emperors was taken from this very land when he was a little boy to serve the Roman army only to climb his way to the throne and this is why he always longed to return here, to Dalmatia. But later on he preferred spending his remaining days watching his cabbage grow (his words exactly!) refusing to go back to Rome when he was asked to return when the empire was falling apart. When you see the beauty of Split, you can’t blame him. And if you listen carefully you may still hear the footsteps of Roman soldiers guarding the city or the walls whispering of centuries that guided people to settle in Split and shape it over time so that it could become a true centre of culture, music, art, history, sport, knowledge, literature, good food and of course – to produce the leading teacher training courses in Croatia.